Community Partners

Our sponsors

A serious organization needs to have serious sponsors. We are a school of some sort. We preach the teachings of ancient Buddha, the one who was the first enlightened one. As a school of thought and school of philosophy, we also have companies and people who sponsor us. This is the moment where we present them for you to understand that this is not some form of a hoax. We are a legit philosophical school that is teaching how to live your life in the best possible way. To achieve this, we received funding and many other things that helped us a lot. The rooms we are in, the hall for our sessions, the robes and many other things such as electronic devices that help us a lot. All of this is important to reach out to people who want to learn something different and want to explore happiness and peace.

Our sponsors are:

Cray Inc., Dendron, Seattle genetics, Avanade

Ridgefield Recovery